Why Grit IAM Solutions?

Expert Advice

Our consultants have been working with Azure AD B2C for many years. We have built many solutions for our customers and have a deep understanding of how to integrate Azure AD B2C with your applications. We can help you build a solution that meets your needs.

Proprietary Tools

We built tools to save hundreds of hours of work in deploying Azure AD B2C solutions. You can license these tools to save hours of work in deploying your own solutions.

Our Products

IAM Solution for B2B2C Applications

Easily deploy authentication and profile management for your B2B applications.


Visual Authentication Journey Builder

Save hundreds of man hours in deploying sophisticated authentication scenarios using Azure AD B2C.


CIAM Monitoring

Monitor Azure AD B2C deployments for production issues and get alerted. See user sessions and analyze where users are dropping off in the authentication journey.


Grit Legacy App Proxy

Migrate applications with header-based authentication to Azure AD B2C with Grit App Proxy.


B2C Chatbot

Use powerful AI models to understand and explain complex systems