Grit B2B2C Solution
Easily Deploy Authentication and Profile Management For Your B2B Applications
Allow your customers to log-in with their own openID or SAML IdP. Delegate administration to your customers and allow them to manage their users and their roles.
Single Sign On to All your Applications
Our powerful Identity and Access Management functionalities meet the needs of all your applications. Once you onboard all your applications, your end users can single sign on to your portfolio of applications.
Built on Top of Azure AD B2C
Our solution is built on top of Microsoft's Azure AD B2C, bringing you the best-in-class security, reliability and scalability.
Integrate with your Customer's IdP
We support both openID and SAML. We integrate with most identity providers. Follow our guides to onboard your customers. On-boarding a new IdP is a breeze. If your customers don't have their own IdP, it's not a problem! They will be able to login using local or social accounts.
Powerful Role and Profile Management
Collect application specific profile data from your users as they start using new applications. Our powerful APIs provide secure and fast access to all the profile data. The profile data is stored in a GDPR compliant manner. Applications can define their roles. Your customer administrators can manage the roles of their own users.
Delegated Admin Capabilities
Your customer administrators can invite their own users. They can also manage user roles and access.
Powerful Customization
You can show your logo and the logo of your customer using our powerful customization capabilities! You launch in multiple languages. Our low code solution makes this easy.
MFA, TOTP, Password-less and Fraud Protection
With a click of a button you can enable powerful security features. It will allow your customers to login without friction.
Deploy on your Azure Cloud or let us host for you
Have strict data residency requirements? We can host on your cloud! Looking for simplicity? We can host for you!
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