Visual Authentication Journey Builder
Save Hundreds of Man Hours in Deploying Sophisticated Authentication Scenarios Using Azure AD B2C
Low code solution with a visual editor to create Azure AD B2C IEF XML, HTML/CSS/JS and .NET API needed for deploying Azure AD B2C.
Visualize and edit your user journeys in our flow chart based visual editor
Your user journey is displayed as a flow chart. Dive into the elements of the flowchart for editing.
Start from scratch or use one of our templates
Our templates come from our experience in implementing Azure AD B2C for Fortune 500 clients. They cover many sophisticated scenarios and provide a solid foundation for you to start your development.
Integrated debugging capabilities
A no-code debugger for your user journeys during development.
Easy language customization
Support multiple languages without writing a single line of code.
Integrates with your CI/CD pipeline
Download the code generated from our editor, check it into git and run it through your CI/CD pipeline.
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