Basic Package: $3500 (one-time)
Our basic package includes everything you need to generate a policy with:
  • User sign in
  • Self-service sign up
  • Password Migration
  • Password reset
  • Social media integration
  • One-time-passcode based sign in
  • UX customization tools
  • Customized emails
  • Session handling and SSO
  • Conditional access
  • Language customization on the web and in emails
  • SAML
  • Many more custom scenarios! Schedule a call to find out
In addition, we will provide documentation on your sign-in systems and 2 weeks of hyper-care support. After 2 weeks, you will continue to receive regular suppost from Microsoft as per your enterprise agreement.
Devops Package: $6500 (one-time)
This includes all the features of the basic package plus:
  • CI/CD pipeline setup
  • Analytics dashboard for your sign in, sign up, password reset, and user drop-off points
  • Automatics alerts for errors
  • Automated tests that can be run on a local machine
  • Audit log setup for faster debugging
Premium Services package: starting at $6500 plus $500/month
This includes all the features of the devOps package plus
  • Captcha
  • Biometrics authentication
The one-time payment is $6500 to set up your policy with all the features of the devOps package. For monthly payments, we charge based on MAU. Starting at $500/month for less than 50k MAU and $1000/month for MAU greater than 50k
Grit IEF web editor $500/month
Access to grit's IEF editor for making changes to your policies in the future. This will give you a site licence, allowing any employee in your company to use the site.
Maintenance Package Starting at $1000 per month
You can add premium support to your policy. Our support includes:
  • Continuous test cases run from VM's accross the world
  • Automated testing in your CI/CD pipeline
  • 24/7 outage support
  • Level 2 support for non-outage customer reported issues, from 9am to 5pm pst
  • 2 hours of free consulting for adding additional features
We charge based on MAU. Starting at $1000/month for less than 50k MAU and $2000/per month for MAU greater than 50k
Integration with third party ID proofing vendors
We can help you integrate your policy with Microsoft approved third party ID proofing vendors. The pricing will vary based on the vendor. Please call us for pricing.